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Not So Ugly Duckling
By: Anna-Morgause
Disclaimer: I do not own anything that has, even the slightest thing to do with Princess Tutu…at all…ever…never have…never will. Got it? Good.
Description: Ahiru's life has always been someone else's toy, but what if she got to decide what happened to her?
Quote of the Day: "A book is a version of the world. If you do not like it, ignore it; or offer your own version in return." –Salman Rushdie
Chapter One: Abraca D'uh
In a cottage, in a small, but strange town, there was a young man full of grief sitting at his desk. You see, this young man (whose name was Fakir) was an author, a talented one at that. He could make his stories come alive-literally, but that was part of what was bothering him.
He had spent the last few months repairing the mess his ancestor had left behind,
And he was almost done.
Key Word: Almost
"Dammit!" The man yelled in frustration, "What the hell am I going to do?!" He wanted to write a story for his little duck: Ahiru- but he couldn't. He was going to try and make her human again but…he didn't want to toy with her life like his own ancestor did besides, he didn't even know if that was what she wanted. (Her being a duck made it hard for them to communicate.) He was a knight after all, and knights have honor and honorable men just don't do that...
He was confused, so utterly confused.
It wasn't even funny.  
It had taken him far to long to realize that he was in love. However by then his love had returned to her original state, a duck.
Could a man even love a duck?
Was she still the same Ahiru?
Could she even remember what had happened?
Life usually isn't fair, but this went beyond unfair.
The young man sighed as he looked over at the two sleeping figures on his bed. The first was the doll made from Edle-san's remains: Uzura, who had returned, from where ever it was she had gone, that morning. The other was that stupid duck: Ahiru. The knight was surprised that he hadn't woken them up yet, and was confused by the fact that a doll could even sleep at all.
Then an Idea invaded Fakir's troubled mind. It was brilliant, absolutely brilliant! With that he began to write. Then, after he was done, the knight decided that he would wait and see what would happen over the next few days and went to bed carefully readjusting the sleeping 'girls' as he climbed into bed. Slumber came to the previously sleep-deprived young man almost instantly.
The paper with neat handwriting on it left on the table started to glow. A voice, which seemingly came from nowhere, started to read (or rather whisper) it out loud.
'Once upon a time, a small duck that had once been a princess received one wish, just one that she could use to do whatever she wanted. A fairy appeared to her in the night, asking for her heart's desire. The duck was surprised, so she asked for one day and one night to think about it before she gave the fairy her reply.'
When the voice had finished the paragraph a woman appeared. She wasn't an ordinary woman, she had wings, and she was Edle! The puppet-fairy-woman smiled as she saw the duck (and company) sleeping soundly. She watched hem sleep for a moment, and then, gently, woke the duck up.
Ahiru, groggy from sleep, slowly, and begrudgingly awoke.
"Qua…?" Then she saw Edle, "Ms. Edle! Ms. Edle! Oh, I'm so happy to see you! Why do you have wings?"
"Shh…I've come to grant you a wish. Your knight has written you a story."
"Fakir wrote me a story! How wonder-Wait…since when is he my knight, I thought he was supposed to protect Myhto and-"
"Never mind that, what do you want as your wish?"
"I-I…I don't know…"
"I'll give you one day and night to decide," She said as she produced a pendant from thin air "but until then wear this necklace as a reminder."
"It looks familiar, is it one of the jewels you showed me back when I was a girl?"
"Which one?" the duck inquired
"Artistic license."
"Good night Ahiru, dear. I will see you tomorrow."
"Bye-bye, Ms. Edle."
With that the puppet-turned fairy disappeared. Then the duck suddenly remembered just how tired she was, and the excitement of seeing Edle-san hadn't helped. Soon, Ahiru drifted into dreamland, thinking of all of the possibilities of wishes she could make, causing her to overlook the best/easiest choice.

A/N: Okay, this is just an edit, fixing grammar and junk, the second (and final) chapter is on its way. Please don't hate me I've had major writer's block & I couldn't quite decide what route to take….But, I have now, so be expecting the next installment soon.
End Quote: "You look beautiful. Incidentally, my favorite artist is Picasso."-Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth -
Deviation by :iconanna-morgause:
Original deviation can be found here: [link]
Please direct all comments/faves to the original work
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me very likey. keep on going please
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